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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

ipad photo or piece of art?

From the start I must confess that I admire "i" products. One of the well-known products of technology giant is ipad-our favourite creature of Steve Jobs. I still feel amazement when I read books on my ipad. Although, I prefer reading a hard copy of a book and I have never used Kindle for that reason reading i-books is something completely different.

I do not really use all of ipad's functions but the one that I'm often using gives me special enjoyment. Photobooth! It is amazing how we can take pictures of different objects with various effects. But most importantly how we take pictures of ourself with such strange face expressions that we do not even dare to show anyone who wants to see our ipad picture library.

One of the really nice effects is x-ray effect. It shows objects differently. Not the way we are used to see them...Recently, I have found a similarity in two pictures. One is a random ipad photo taken by Paul Smith when another one is Edmund Chamberlain's piece of exhibition at Browse & Darby in London. Seems like ipad photo has become piece of art and ipad photobooth art creator!

Look at the pictures below and see the similarity!


22th November, 2011
London, UK

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