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Friday, 28 October 2011

What do we love about Azerbaijan?

   For a long time I have been thinking about reasons of love we have deep in our hearts for the country we were born in, things we own and people around us. Do we poccess it from the birth or do we acquire it later during our lifetime?
  I believe that this kind of loyalty and love comes from the birth and increases during aliveness.To understand this process better my research area is a country I am coming from-Azerbaijan.

   I have found out 10 things we love about Azerbaijan!

1) Azerbaijani Cuisine!

2) Baku nights!

 3) People!

4) Culture!

 5) Eurovision in 2012!

6) Breathtaking architecture!

7) Rich history!

8) Nature!

 9) Resources!

10) Too banal, isn't it? To be honest, to love Azerbaijan we have millions of motives but we simply love it for being our Land of Fire!

28 October, 2011
London, UK

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