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Monday, 24 October 2011

Once upon an October.

During summer I was thinking about travelling plans in UK. Although I have been studying and living there for more than a year I could not get out of London even for a single day. Studies could be a reason for that but the main one is the lazyness. A very dangerous enemy of humanbeing. Those who are really eager to study and travel can combine both with no difficulties. Topic of this post is my first visit to a city of UK other than London.

Straight after lecture at university me with a friend of mine decided to study Accounting before going to Southampton( Yes, it is exactly, the place we were travelling to). All trials to concentrate on studies ended up with listening to news, then watching a movie and finally listening to music. Finally, we have decided to pack and get ready for our trip to this lovely city. This is definitely the most important part for girls. Problems begin when you have a bag in which you have to fit all your stuff  for 3 days but because of unknown reasons it becomes a way too small. After thinking for a long time I decided to take only necessary things. The problem was that necessary things were even more than I prepared earlier. Getting annoyed with time wasting I only took VERY important things. It includes lip gloss in pink, in red, in dark pink and etc. :)

Taking into account the fact that my friend has been living in Southampton for a month I did not look for interesting places for tourists there but only enjoyed the suitcasy mood of mine. Journey started with a forgotten credit card at home so I had to go back and take it. Then on the way back to reception on stairs I remembered that I did nщt look at the mirror when leaving my flat( It is a belief that if returned home for something forgotten this ritual should be done. After 15 minutes we entered underground to our way to Waterloo where most of the trains to different cities take origin from. Trains here come and go very often, almost every fifteen minutes. However, not to wait an extra minute we jumped to the train that was ready to leave the platform. With a great desire to find two empty seats to sit after standing thirty minutes in the underground we started leaving  first two cars of train with a hope to find them in the third or fouth. Nowhere we found even a single seat and so  decided to stand on a place between train's cars. The only advice I can give is NEVER get on the train almost leaving the platform, it will be TOO full. Time of journey from London to Southampton is an hour and fifteen minutes. First twenty minutes we were critising an old man and a young lady sitting on the floor between cars. The explanation of this is quite easy: floor is too dirty in trains. After thirty minutes we tried to give proper explanation to their behaviour. In forty minutes we were sitting on the floor and laughing aloud. Ooops, I bet I did not mention it was a silence zone where people usually read or sleep :) After more than an hour of sitting on the floor we did not feel very comfortable and decided to sit at the nearest train where we saw already empty two seats and it was real happyness for us!!!  Here we go, 15 more minutes and we were in Southampton!

I could not wait for morning to see the city! To take as many pictures as possible and of course to eat something very very Southamptony :). Last part was definitely not for UK, I know. In UK they only have fish and chips as a traditional cuisine so you can only rely on italian, labaneese and turkish cuisines. Weather in Southampton is just amazing! Very sunny! It is said to be the city of UK full of sunshine. Not surprising. I do not really know whether this city is famous or not but I know it mainly because of University of Southampton located there. The other university in Southampton is Solent University and it is located closer to the city centre. About centre of the city or downtown, there is not much to talk about. However, after a long street called London Road it is possible to come across old walls in different parts of the centre. When passing by one of the parts of the walls we saw two boys trying to jump but as it was too high hopefully, they decided not to do so. Just down the centre of the city there is a seaside! Very nice view and perfect weather even in Autumn can be observed there.  Southampton trip was over by the end of the next day but memories of this green and silent city will always be remembered!

24 October,  2011
London, UK

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